Posted in March 2012


I have thought about distorting and stretching each individual design slightly to continue playing with the idea of the imperfect edition before finalising the drawings. Advertisements

Dialogue or Triologue

  I have been tweaking the final designs for an edition of two sculptures, (maybe three depending how far I can stretch the budget!). The figures on each sculpture will have subtly different facial expressions, which will become apparent on closer inspection, hopefully setting up a dialogue or even triologue between the pieces.     … Continue reading

Colour and Caro

I have cut some slightly larger prototypes from spray painted foam card to consider the impact of colour on some of the panels.  I have gone in the garden again to see how the colour works against the greenery. I watched the Culture Show on Friday night on BBC2; Alastair Sooke  interviewed the mighty Anthony … Continue reading

In the Garden

I have taken the maquettes out in the garden to see what they look like there and I have decided I might actually make two sculptures, one of each design as companion pieces. I like the idea that on first glance the two maquettes  look the same but on further inspection they are in fact slightly … Continue reading

Bases for Plinth

I have been working on a series of cardboard maquettes to further refine my design before I scale it up.   I have been specifically thinking about the base and how the work relates to the ground. I want the transition from sculpture to ground to be as seamless as possible.  I have thought about the … Continue reading

Great News!

I was absolutely thrilled to hear that I have been selected as one of the ten finalists for the National Sculpture Prize. To date the ephemeral feel of my chosen material, paper, has sometimes given my work a maquette like feel, often suggestive of potential journeys into different dimensions and materials. The opportunity at Broomhill will … Continue reading