Site visit 22nd and 23rd April -thank you!


My husband and I have spent the last couple of days at Broomhill. It has been a delight!

It was great to meet both Rinus and Aniet and to enjoy their wonderful hospitality in such a glorious and sophisticated setting!  Thank you so much for such a memorable stay, delicious food, a beautiful room overlooking the gardens and for your generosity.

At this stage, it was really useful for me to get a feel for the site and the lie of the land, march about in my wellies between rain showers and to discuss the various possibilities for installing my work with Rinus and Aniet. 

The setting has so much to offer, from formal to wilderness gardens, hills and slopes, lots of water features,  beautiful trees and a vigorous Exmoor stream. 

It was very helpful to see the incredible range of works in the Broomhill Collection, and the diverse approaches to siting the outdoor pieces.

 I have managed to come to a decision between two equally perfect locations (it was difficult as both sites were very appealing in their different ways).

 I should like to site the work by a pond, framed on one side with silver birch trees, with a path that winds its way around. The airiness of the space, the delicacy of the trees and the freshness of the light somehow seem to have the right register for the frilliness of my work!
I am starting on some drawings and montages today to try and work out the final configurations etc. as time in marching on!!!  Here is the first one (see above)

 I am pondering the technical implications of placing some of my work in the pond on stilts . We shall see!

During our stay, we also managed to get to Ifracombe to have a drink at Damien Hirst’s restaurant on the quay and to see a surprising amount of his work on the walls (my favourite is definitely the fish display case). Easier and cheaper than going up to Tate Modern!

The wallpapers were gorgeous and the staff very kindly let us have a good roam around both downstairs (butterfly wallpaper) and up (pills and tablets wallpaper).

We also had a wild cliff walk in the wind and rain. The coastline is spectacular.


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