Posted in May 2012



  After much deliberation,  I went with my gut feeling, which was to keep the three pieces clearly as a group to emphasise the descending size order and to reinforce the concept of the imperfect edition. This was a difficult decision to make, especially  after all the efforts planning and installing the work in the … Continue reading

Work in the Pond

The stilts were made and welded by Chris in the workshop on his farm. Chris knows everything there is to know about metal!    We tried them out for size in the garden and everything slotted together perfectly.  Then  we packed everything ready for installation day and we drove up to Broomhill last Tuesday. We … Continue reading

Black and Orange

  The colours have in fact emerged from the steel itself which is great.  As the edges of the sculptures slowly started to rust and turn a fantastic subtle orange colour, the decision was made for me. As the inclination of the sun changes throughout the day , (so long as the sun shines!) in … Continue reading

Assembly line

All the  profiles have now been cut and delivered.  This past week I have been working on assembling them all. Slotting together large and heavy plates of metal by hand is no easy task (at Waterjet they used a fork lift truck to slot together the large pieces) and I must admit I anticipated this … Continue reading


I am making some stilts for the smallest of the three sculptures which will be placed in the middle of the pond. I will need to bring waders on install day and leave my wellies behind this time!

Waterjet cut number one

  My work is being cut at Waterjet. Amazingly the machines work both day and night. These photos show the work as it has just finished being cut (it  took most of the night) still with some water marks which I quite like.  The wetness of a nocturnal birth!  The first large pieces are now cut in … Continue reading