Black and Orange


The colours have in fact emerged from the steel itself which is great.

 As the edges of the sculptures slowly started to rust and turn a fantastic subtle orange colour, the decision was made for me.

As the inclination of the sun changes throughout the day , (so long as the sun shines!) in the  afternoon and evening light the edges really glow.

 I had previously tried lots of different ideas for colour schemes, testing paint on the edges in different colours, spraypainting metal offcuts,  but it looked superficial and decorative, a bit like nail varnish!

The rust has an integrity that I like.


In order to hold back the process of corrosion on the flat areas I therefore started oiling the metal, which turned it  a gun metal, graphite black.

 The final effect was really unexpected (as most of my work tends to be white with areas of applied colour),  dramatic, even a bit funereal, which marries very well with the inspiration behind the piece.

 The black of the sculptures in the landscapes simultaneously stands out and sinks back into the surroundings.

 So black and orange it is!



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