Work in the Pond

The stilts were made and welded by Chris in the workshop on his farm. Chris knows everything there is to know about metal! 


We tried them out for size in the garden and everything slotted together perfectly.

 Then  we packed everything ready for installation day and we drove up to Broomhill last Tuesday. We were fortunate to meet some of the finalists , Ollie and Michael and Ian who were all busy working when we arrived. It was good to talk briefly about everyone’s work and see how they were getting on.  I wish everyone the very best of luck!

Alain, my lovely husband, got into his very fetching waders and hammered the steel poles down into the pond mud until the tops were level with the water. It was freezing, his waders leaked a bit, and took quite a while to say the least.


My hands turned blue and I was just giving instructions from the side of the pond!! I owe him big time…..

We placed the small sculpture on the top of the stilts which looked really good, although it felt a bit too isolated from the other two pieces.  Placing work in situ is a very different matter to moving things about on Photoshop!

 So we stopped for lunch  because of a heavy downpour of rain to have a think…


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